Tao Of Backup Wailing Wall

Welcome to the Tao Of Backup Wailing Wall where the unenlightened (or recently enlightened) purge their souls of past grief. To add your own entry, just fill out the wailing wall form.

Date Name DaysLost Category Title
14-Oct-1997 Ross Williams 0 Frequency How I nearly lost the Tao Of Backup!
10-Dec-1997 Peter N Lewis 8 Coverage "All your data" really means "*All* your data".
24-Mar-1998 Anonymous 730 Coverage Always MAKE SURE you're getting every filesystem!
30-Mar-1998 Grant Bayley 25 Frequency Never entrust your website to a single hard drive or a single backup
13-Apr-1998 Anonymous 1 Integrity Don't forget to backup the hidden files....
13-Apr-1998 Anonymous 22 Testing TV Erases backup tapes
24-Apr-1998 Duncan 1000 Other Beware of false Prophets
08-May-1998 Andrew Rutherford 150 History Don't use streaming compression.
26-Sep-1998 Anonymous 0 Other Even if you have a perfectly good backup, you may *not* be able to restore it.
02-Dec-1998 Ross Williams 573 Coverage Ensure that you have a backup copy of your web.
02-Feb-1999 Ross Williams 100 Separation Thieves attempt to destroy all backups at Daewoo.
03-Apr-1999 Dave Thompson 180 Frequency I Didn't Have to Say "I told you so."
26-May-1999 Stephan Carydakis 0 Frequency D..chead Deactivates C Drive as DOS Partition
04-Oct-1999 Mike Mohr 22 Other Something the Master Never Told Us
21-Oct-1999 John Elsbury 1000 Separation Always keep a backup somewhere else
16-Apr-2000 Michael Felzien 0 Other Hamlet wasn't all that crazy... Really he wasn't!!!
21-Sep-2000 Patrick Anonymous 0 Frequency Recovery not cheap . . .
25-Sep-2000 Ross Williams 0 Other Testing the wailing wall form. Please ignore.
16-Oct-2000 Per von Zweigbergk 14 Frequency Handheld computers need backing up too...
15-Jan-2001 Anonymous 0 Testing Fast Backups /dev/null
27-Jun-2001 Anonymous 10 Testing Try recovering everything, not just one file.
02-Jul-2001 Anonymous 365 Coverage backup your cellphone phonebook onto paper if you must.
30-Sep-2001 Anonymous 30 Testing Never, ever, EVER trust Norton Ghost completely
09-Nov-2001 Anonymous 120 Coverage Don't ever think you've got it right!
13-Dec-2001 David 7300 Frequency A lifetime to create; so quick to destroy.
27-Dec-2001 Anonymous 60 Coverage Backup is FOR EVERYBODY
20-Mar-2002 Jim Anonymous 20 Separation Burglars took my laptop and all my backups too!
11-Sep-2003 ASimpson 1 Coverage look before you drive or never leave home without backing up before hand
23-Oct-2003 Mark Lambert 0 Separation The fireproof safe trap
30-Nov-2003 anonymous 365 Other Don't use an 'unknown' form of backup storage
31-Mar-2004 Monty Harder 0 Testing When is /dev/rStp0 not a tape drive?
21-Jun-2004 Anonymous 2 Coverage Do NOT use a "Go-Back" program or System Restore as a BACKUP!
15-Jul-2004 Benson J Maxter 0 Frequency The Backup Armageddon, or The Second Coming of Lost Dreams
19-Jul-2004 Anonymous 640 Testing Of Best, and Worst, Laid Plans
27-Aug-2004 Marc Leveille 4 Integrity Time to make a master...
07-Nov-2004 anonymouse 728 Coverage Never ever turust your defrag software
06-Jan-2005 Nathaniel 30 Coverage Make sure you know what you are backuping.
17-Jan-2005 Myself 6 Coverage Non-destructive techniques definitely a good thing.
04-Feb-2005 Paul Wayper 2 Coverage Maybe I jinxed it?
01-Sep-2005 Anonymous 10000 Separation We lost EVERYTHING
21-Sep-2005 Johan 180 Other Use tao approved software.
25-Sep-2005 Anonymous 0 Other In an emergency you'l need the right equipment to read the backups.
21-Sep-2006 Anonymous 90 Coverage Never Leave Your Laptop Anywhere!!!
16-Apr-2007 ketil albertsen 1 Testing Demons are evil
11-Jul-2007 Oliver Hellwig 0 Other An Automatic Offsite Backup Story
05-Aug-2007 vin 0 Coverage Un-natural disasters
26-Jan-2008 Old School Tao 180 Coverage Restrict access before you let someone go.
06-May-2008 Anonymous 180 Separation SQL injection got us
06-Jul-2009 Simon Neville 146000 Testing Organisational records gone 'cause the offsite tape was blank

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